Viper Podcast #010 Hosted by Miss Trouble (May 2018)
Viper Podcast #010 Hosted by Miss Trouble (May 2018)

The Viper Recordings Podcast, bringing you the newest and freshest tracks direct from Viper HQ! Hosted by Miss Trouble, this month's episode features a special guest mix from Murdock.

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Viper Recordings Podcast #010 Tracklist:
Ekko & Sidetrack vs. Trei - Luddites
Dossa & Locuzzed - Shag (VIP Mix)
Synergy - Red Line
AKOV - Constellations
Hillsdom - Nocturne ft. Novokane
Toronto Is Broken - Aum
Juno - Akira
Juno - Truth In The Skies ft. Innate MC
Hillsdom - Urban 64
DJ Samurai - Outsider
Toronto Is Broken - What You Do With What You Have

Guest Mix by Murdock Tracklist:
Murdock - Can’t Keep Me Down ft Shystie & Sena
NCT - Move On
Post Malone - Rockstar (TC Remix)
James Marvel & Cedex & Higher Underground - Red Alert
Turno, Dominator & Logan D - Rampage
Murdock & Doctrine - On A Rampage (Killbox remix)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Outlaw Renegade VIP
A.M.C. & Turno - Alliance
TC - Hurricane (Murdock remix)
Audio Headroom VIP
Brookes Brothers Tear You Down
Dillinja - Twist ‘Em Out
Rene LaVice - Woohoo
Blackley - Actions ft MC Element
Clipz - Slippery Slopes
Cyantific - Welcome To The Future
Murdock - Raw Power Moves
Tantrum Desire - Grimm
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Roadblock
Doctrine - Parabol
Rene LaVice - How Do I Kill
Upgrade - Dojo
Murdock & Doctrine vs James Marvel & MC Mota - The Riddler
Camo&Krooked: Ember (Noisia remix)
Blaine Stranger - Arms of Mine
L Plus - You Don’t
Matrix & Futurebound - Mystery Machine
Murdock - I Need A Riddim
Dimension - Raver
Upgrade - Illusion